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So any sandwich I’m ever given, I open it up and I immediately completely rearrange the sandwich.” If your mind is “beach balling” (nerdy Mac reference to when a computer freezes), nothing else matters much until that is resolved.

Once again, the secondary “if helpful” question is often critical.

*** Since any greatness in these pages is from other people, I feel comfortable saying that you will love some of what’s here, no matter where you are in life.

In the same breath, I know you will find some of what’s inside boring, useless, or seemingly stupid.

Special thanks to Brian Koppelman, Amelia Boone, Chase Jarvis, Naval Ravikant, and others for their hugely helpful feedback. Good questions in the wrong order get bad responses.

First, let us take a quick pass of the 11 questions. Conversely, you can punch well above your weight class by thinking about sequencing, as most people don’t.

So, why not spend a week test-driving the path of least resistance? First, I scribbled down a list of dream interviewees, which started as one page and quickly became ten. The older I get, the more time I spend — as a percentage of each day — on crafting better questions.

In this book, I accomplish that with questions that provide tangible, easy, and often fun answers — Scooby snacks for your hard-working soul. But I ended up being one of 11 finishers (out of 1,000 participants) of that race, and it altered the course of my life, leading to my career in obstacle racing and multiple world championships. Answers prove a number of helpful things: 1) Everyone is crazy, so you’re not alone.Or somehow got them to guide me in the right direction? I wasn’t sure, but I did know one thing: If the easy approach failed, the unending-labor-in-the-salt-mines approach was always waiting in the wings. I wrote out the most ambitious, eclectic, unusual list possible. From the outset, I told the publisher that it also might work, and that I’d return the advance if so. I sent an identical set of 11 questions to some of the most successful, wildly varied, and well-known people on the planet with “Answer your favorite 3 to 5 questions . Before taking them into the wild, I tested, vetted, and wordsmithed them with friends who are world-class performers in their own right.Pain is never out of season if you go shopping for it. Next, I needed to create an incentive to encourage people to respond, so I sought out a book deal. These three often ended up indirectly answering the “big” questions.Some of them might seem trite or useless at first glance. As one example, the “billboard” question is one of my podcast listener and guest favorites, but it’s heavy. I didn’t want to scare busy people off, who might opt out with a quick, “Sorry, Tim. The people I interview have read hundreds or thousands of books, so it’s a labor-intensive question for them, and they rightly worry about picking a “favorite,” which then gets quoted and put in articles, Wikipedia, etc.

I just don’t have bandwidth for this right now.” So, what to do? “Most gifted” is lower risk, an easier search query (easier to recall), and implies benefits for a broader spectrum of people, which the idiosyncratic “favorite” does not.Sometimes, we “solve” the problem by simply rewording it. Instead, what I got back were some of the most thoughtful answers I’d ever received, whether on paper, in person, or otherwise. Granted, the “easy” path took thousands of back-and-forth emails and Twitter direct messages, hundreds of phone calls, many marathons at a treadmill desk, and more than a few late-night bottles of wine, but . I knew that these questions worked, that they could help me in my own life, and that interviewees generally liked them.