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09-Oct-2017 20:34

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Make a list of those events/facts that prove this emotionally driven thought is inaccurate.

You will find yourself creating a new, “balanced” thought.

My point is you are not alone, so take a deep breath, be in the moment and let the conversation flow. Embrace being shy because there’s nothing wrong with it. This means going to events that make you anxious, staying for at least 45 minutes (usually anxiety will reduce after this time) and giving yourself credit for trying something different.

Imagine if everyone in the room tried to be the center of attention, the world would certainly be a chaotic, loud and overwhelming place! Note how you feel before you go to an event and afterward.

” write out how you could realistically handle that situation.

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For some, online dating can be a step in the right direction.

The problem becomes when it is time to meet face to face, it’s met with great hesitation and even perhaps self-sabotage. It is in fact quite common and experienced across a spectrum.

Shyness can range from mild to moderate to hive-inducing anxiety.

Remember, even if you’re anxious, it’s likely the other person doesn’t see just how anxious you feel.

Just keeping this in mind might help mitigate your anxiety levels.Most likely you will have experienced positive feelings (reward) after attending an event (risk). Ask a co-worker how their day is going, call an old friend, go out with a friend/family member with a goal of meeting one new person.

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