Dating when i have ocd

26-Sep-2017 09:58

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She wanted to plug her phone in, and the plug was right where edge of the bed was. I began begging her not to do it, telling her how I couldn’t sleep if the bed wasn’t placed exactly against the wall. Charlotte has the patience and understanding to accept this aspect of me.She told me I was being ridiculous, and I was, but she just wasn’t understanding how deeply this would affect me. No, she can’t understand what it’s like to freak out over a pillow not placed just right, or a blanket not folded correctly.OCD is a biological disorder of the brain, and needs to be understood as such. Talking about OCD can be hard, because words often fall short of illustrating the true depth of pain and anxiety experienced by the sufferer.To quote from A Life Lived Ridiculously, As I listened to the words pour from my mouth, I could have thumped myself in the face.So I sat down and organized it as Charlotte looked on with consternation.She suddenly knew that she was in a relationship with someone who has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).After we moved in together, Charlotte started noticing some odd behaviors.

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It was like suffering from a broken leg but only having the vocabulary to describe a scraped knee. How do you tell a stranger that you don't like the shape of your lampshade and at the same time expect them to understand that you are describing a pain that inhabits you fully, inserts itself between your cells like cement and wears your skin like a coat? If you give the impression that you really get it, you will have taken a huge step in making your loved one feel less isolated with their condition. For the reasons stated above, go online, get books and learn what it really means to be nagged by intrusive thoughts.In a relationship, you learn to accept those things about your partner that might bother you from time to time.

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