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He begins to lift the wooden piece () but then pauses and looks at the top of the tower ().

Next, Oliver works to orient the piece by rotating it mid-air () and adjusting his grip () before adding it to the top of the tower ().

In this video clip, Oliver is stacking large wooden frames that can be securely fitted together by placing the legs of one frame into the notches in another frame.

He says, “Put it on the tower,” as he lifts a wooden piece and places it on top ().

He may believe that a hammer is best characterized by the swinging action, rather than the hammering sound.

Or, he may recognize that swinging a rigid object with similar force could cause the tower to fall, so he makes a practical choice.

Tommy adopts the strategy of helping as a way to participate in Oliver’s play.He brings another wooden piece over to the tower and sets it down close by Oliver’s reach ().Oliver stands on the stool with the tower nearly eye-level.Each frame would have to be treated as simultaneously the one I don't want and the one I do want.

It is clear that Oliver was treating the frames as parts that he no longer wanted on his tower.Soon his efforts yield a tower that is taller than he is.

Proponents of the Common Era notation assert that the use of BCE/CE shows sensitivity to those who use the same year numbering system as the one that originated with and is currently used by Christians, but who are not themselves Christian.… continue reading »

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