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I., and Ridgeway, K., 2009, Transport of the Yakutat Terrane, southern Alaska, evidence from sediment petrology and detrital zircon fission-track and U/Pb double dating. The Thermal evolution of Corsica as recorded by zircon fission tracks, Tectonophysics, 421, 299-317. I., 2005, Chapter 8: Fission-track analysis of Detrital zircon, In P. Using this approach we are able to routinely analyze single zircon grains to gain a better understanding of geochronometric analyses. Student explain results of analyses of Precambrian zircons from the Chugach-Prince William terrane in Alaska (22th Annual Steinmetz Symposium, Union College, May 2012 Wang, A., Garver, J. A., Zhang, K, 2010, Episodic exhumation of the Greater Himalayan Sequence since the Miocene constrained by fission track thermochronology in Nyalam, central Himalaya, Tectonophysics, p. Ehlers, (eds.), Low-Temperature thermochronology: Techniques, Interpretations, and Applications, Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry Series, v. E., 2005, Implications for timing of Andean uplift based on thermal resetting of radiation-damaged zircon in the Cordillera Huayhuash, northern Perú, Journal of Geology, v.

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1) Research results and PDFs from the Union College FT lab (see list below) 2) Fission-track theses completed at Union College.

Together, these data yield important constraints on the accretion and translation history of the CPW and has implications for the history of flanking basins such as the hydrocarbon-rich Cook Inlet basin..

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