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20-Oct-2017 02:54

A slow laptop can make it seem like it needs replaced or upgraded when all it really needs is just a little TLC.

See How Much Free Storage You Have If your laptop's hard drive is running low on free space, it can certainly grind things to a halt and make programs open more slowly or files take forever to save.

Cleaning these areas of the laptop can cool down the inside as well as help prevent any hardware from overheating.

If you need to move some large files off of your hard drive to quickly free up space to see if that helps the overall performance, use a free disk space analyzer tool to see where all the used space is going.

On the other hand, some hard drives are actually faulty and need replaced.

If your laptop hard drive is bad, consider replacing it with a working one.

The best thing about external devices is that they're , connecting to the laptop over USB instead of sitting inside the laptop's casing like the primary HDD.

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These devices provide instant additional hard drive space for whatever reason; software installation files, collections of music and videos, etc.

However, your decision to do this should only be made after making sure that the drive is truly irreparable.