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(It was late at night.) She said she was tired, and we probably fist-bumped, we can’t remember, but she was very nice to us, and IN CONCLUSION, if we did not fist-bump her that day, we fist-bump her today, in solidarity, THE END.

Reckonin with tha Roy Moores n Matt Lauers n Bill Cosbys n Bill Clintons n Donald Trumps is ta reckon with common behaviors in our society n throughout history.

If so I never recall giving you a reason You know how much I love you Uh, Mr Ruffin, ya don't recall givin her a reason ta be afraid? Let this be a sermon I mean everything I've said Baby, I'm determined And I'd rather see you dead Damn! Maybe Ringo was young at the time, or maybe tha "character" he plays in tha song was young, but thas beside tha point. A grown man with a 16 year old is kinda gross n morally questionable, but a grown man with a 14 year old is really gross, morally repugnant, n fuckin illegal! Usually this man is religious, most likely Evangelical. If I ever caught her with Stevie PI'd throw her back in the Penitentiary, now And if I caught her with my mother's son I'll call her daddy and get my gun My Francine just turned thirteen She's my angelic teenage queen And I love her, she's all that I want And I need her, she's all that I need Holy shit! That's dedication, n hopefully, isolation in a detention center fer a long time.

Running away sure ain't gonna help you I'm gonna get you girl I'm gonna get now Running away sure ain't gonna help you I'm gonna get you girl Could it be, could it be That you're afraid of me? So dont run away little girls, Roy Boy will take care a ya! Like, were you countin tha days til she became "legal"? At least 16 is legal tho, unlike several of Roy Moore's accusers! Its not that his supporters dont believe tha stories. The child bride situation works like this: An older man wants ta fuck a young girl. Damn, even Roy Moore wouldn't obsess over a 13 year old. You're only sixteen but you're my teenage queen Oh, you're the prettiest, the loveliest girl I've ever seen This creepy obsession with 16 year olds has a long history. Why do grown ass men keep usin that as a term a endearment? Tonight's the night I've waited for Because you're not a baby anymore You've turned into the prettiest girl I've ever seen Happy birthday, sweet sixteen What happened to that funny face My little tomboy now wears satins and lace I can't believe my eyes you're just a teenage dream Happy birthday, sweet sixteen When you were only six, I was your big brother Then when you were ten, we didn't like each other When you were thirteen, you were my funny valentine But since you've grown up, your future is sewn up From now on you're gonna be mine, so If I should smile with sweet surprise It's just that you've grown up before my very eyes You've turned into the prettiest girl I've ever seen Happy birthday, sweet sixteen This dudes been scopin this chick out since she was 6 years old!!

This was George Harrison's favorite song on Rubber Soul. He's not an alleged abuser, but he yearns fer tha days when women knew their place n didnt try ta do things like speak up about sexual assault or vote. He hit me And it felt like a kiss He hit me But it didn't hurt me He couldn't stand to hear me say That I'd been with someone new, And when I told him I had been untrue He hit me And it felt like a kiss He hit me And I knew he loved me This was produced by Phil Spector. Tha parents, usually religious themselves, usually Evangelical, will marry their child off ta this kind, respected adult. For years, I considered this a cautionary tale about child predators. It turns out, it's just a confusing story that ends with rampant homophobia. Even tha imaginary people in tha song are tellin this guy ta leave her alone! In 1987, Bell Biv Devoe was talkin bout Backstage, underage, adolescent How ya doin', fine, she replied I sighed, I like to do the wild thing Action took place Kinda wet Then there's Tyga, who started datin Kylie Jenner when she was 16 n he was 25.

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